How Marketing Copy Improves Customer Experience


How Marketing Copy Improves Customer Experience

Posted by Rebecka Wilson on Sep 21, 2016 7:56:59 PM

Brands build and nurture their relationships with customers by paying a lot of attention to the customer’s experience across all touchpoints. I was reminded in a recent email, just how important copy and messaging can be in surprising and delighting the customer.

The messaging in a brand’s automated emails can be dry and boring, or it can used to endear you to the brand. A strong brand voice and marketing messaging strategy creates copy that not only informs a customer, but also entertains or amuses them, demonstrating that the brand understands their customers and wants to deepen their connection with them.

I recently received two emails from Roku regarding an order I placed with them. These kinds of emails are automated using marketing automation software, and we have all come to expect them after placing an online order anywhere. But these emails stood out because of messaging that made me feel like a friend of the brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the order confirmation email:



The primary purpose of this email is to convey basic information about my order. But the copy is doing so much more than giving me the details of my order. The playful tone of the email gives the brand a distinct personality, which helps strengthen a personal connection between the customer and the brand, as well as evoking a positive emotional response from a type of email that is usually skimmed over.


The email starts with an acknowledgement that I likely already know the information sent in this email. This is a simple way for the brand to point to the ubiquity of automated confirmation emails while conveying order information in a way that builds connection with the customer.


The playful tone continues with the first detail: “You made an incredible purchase decision. Everyone here is talking about it. Nice work.” While this line has no information about my order, it is an excellent use of “surprise and delight” that builds rapport with the customer.


Each subsequent point contains another bit of playful messaging like this. As a customer, these playful moments made me smile and feel connected to the brand in a more friendly, conversational way. As a marketer I know this email is automated and no one is talking about my order in their offices. But the email made me feel like Roku wanted to make their customers happy at every step through the customer journey.


This following email positively impacted my experience with the brand, and created a sense of camaraderie and loyalty with and to the brand. In some sense, it helped humanize the brand. 


Now let’s take a look at the shipping notification email:


This email continues to use the playful, personable tone we saw in the confirmation email. Most people would recognize the likelihood that the warehouse team smiled the whole time they fulfilled and prepared my order for shipment is incredibly low. But it does create a vivid image in the mind of the customer that again evokes a positive emotional response and builds on the connection the brand has established through their website and previous confirmation email.

These emails demonstrate the powerful impact marketing copy has in strengthening the experience a customer has with a brand. Even routine automated communications can surprise and delight a customer in addition to keeping them informed. A strong brand voice and marketing messaging strategy can (and should) improve a customer’s experience with a brand well after the first contact or purchase is made.


While this particular playful-toned approach may not fit with your brand's personality, it's worth thinking about what steps you can take in your marketing copy to deepen the connection with your customers.

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