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Posted by carlos.pimenta on Oct 13, 2014 1:03:14 PM

As we work on refreshing the Macquarium brand, I have been reflecting on our roots, and where we are headed. Prospects often ask me what makes Macquarium different? My answer is a steadfast “our people, how we think, and the results we deliver for our clients”. Yes, we have methodologies, great case studies and awards, but it's employees, their talent, passion for the work they do, and client success that drive an agency’s success. It’s people that start companies, design products and services, buy those products and services, consume them, and essentially shape the brand. It’s people that spark innovation, create the culture, and harness the energy to do great things for clients. So, it’s a fitting time to salute the 22 year heritage Macquarium enjoys as a human-centered digital pioneer. It’s also fitting to share some excitement about where we are headed. In addition to our people, it’s about…

A rich digital heritage, and an innate ability to anticipate and seize industry trends

Founded 22 years ago, Macquarium became early digital marketers that pioneered the industry's first content management system, and analytics software (the latter of which we won a Smithsonian award for). We ushered many of Atlanta’s largest brands into the digital age. We were early movers in motion graphics, amassing the South's largest pool of creative talent that was ultimately spun off into Fathom Studios, a digital animation studio releasing the feature film Delgo. As technology vendors matured their CMS and analytics offerings, we scaled implementation teams to build consumer, business, and employee digital experiences. We ran countless customer acquisition and loyalty programs for major brands, in partnerships with companies like Yahoo. During our journey we developed...

A deep passion for putting people first to humanize digital experiences

We became passionate about the human component of the experiences we were developing. We knew that digital experiences needed to be intuitive, simple, and desirable to be effective. This required adding deep user insight into the technology mix. We repositioned the company as a UX consultancy, designing user-centered experiences for digital touch-points. As digital touch-points fragmented, customers were confronted with islands of experiences. As passionate customer advocates, we believe...

A customer defines a brand by the sum of experiences they have with the brand

Every interaction a customer has with a client defines the brand, which makes the customer’s journey as important as the destination. Well-executed, holistic customer experiences build brands, retain customers, and promote word of mouth. Fractured and inconsistent experiences result in negative sentiment and customer churn. We embraced fragmenting touch-points by creating unified and frictionless digital ecosystems. Advancements in mobile, social, search, and analytics provide better tools to design more integrated and contextual experiences that served customer needs. With customers in control of who they engage with, when, where, and how, “interrupt marketing” is declining in its effectiveness. The immediacy provided by technology is a boon to time-starved customers who have an increased preference for...

Self-discovery and self-service features that ultimately serve ~70% of their brand engagement needs

Great brand experiences have their foundation in exceptional products and services, but require orchestration of people, processes, systems, places, and data to realize their potential. There are many paths a customer can take across many channels in the market, sell, serve, support, and advocate journeys. Furthermore, physical and digital touch-points are blurring and unifying, adding more complexity to mix. New customer-centric approaches are required to develop a deep understanding of customer needs and orchestrate people, places, processes, data, and systems to ensure an optimal customer experience over time. New methodologies such as design thinking and service design, ensure that holistic experiences are designed around customers, and not driven by ideas from siloed departments. Industrial Designers, Service Designers, Experience Designers, Creative Technologists, Customers, SMEs and Visual Designers come together to view the challenge holistically, design the integrated service experience, and bring it to life in an intuitive on-brand manner.

Macquarium, a Digital Agency with a deep passion for customer experience.

Using design thinking to re-imagine brand, product, and service experiences. Our core offerings include...

Customer Experience: Envisioning the holistic experience ecosystem that serve, engage, and delight customers

Digital Products & Services: Designing and building simple, useful, and digital touch-point experiences

Digital Marketing: Driving customer interest, engagement, and loyalty

Topics: Culture, Digital Products, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Innovation